Episode 1: 6/16/2017: Industrial (Re)Introduction

Half Machine Lip Moves made its debut earlier tonight, Friday June 16, 2017 (or the night of Thursday, June 15, 2017). Your intrepid host suffered many technical problems and made lots of mistakes, but hey, such things come with learning new stuff. Here’s the playlist for this show. I had material planned for this episode that didn’t get onto the air, which means parts of next week’s playlists are underway.

Much thanks to KUHS-LP station manager Zac for his help with fixing the technical problems and for allowing this on the air.

  1. Haus Arafna: Geburt (Blut (Triligie Des Blutes), 1995, Galakthorro)
  2. Prurient: Many Jewels Surround the Crown (Bermuda Drain, 2011, Hydra Head Records)
  3. Youth Code: To Burn Your World (A Place to Stand, 2014, Dais Records)
  4. 3Teeth: Consent (3Teeth, 2014, Artoffact Records)
  5. Godflesh: Mothra (Pure, 1991, Earache)
  6. Author & Punisher: Cauterize (Melk En Honing, 2015, Housecore Records)
  7. Big Black: L Dopa (Songs About Fucking, 1987, Touch & Go Records)
  8. L.O.T.I.O.N.: Militarized Urban Zone (First Audio Document: Leaders Of Tomorrow Ingest Only Noise, 2014, Self-Released)
  9. Poupée Fabrikk: Retrospect (Rage, 1990, Energy (A Division of Hot Stuff))
  10. Front Line Assembly: Hydrogen (Previously Unreleased) (Circuitry II single, 2017, Artoffact Records)
  11. High-Functioning Flesh: Hunger Cries (Definite Structures, 2015, Dais Records)
  12. Zeitlich Vergelter: Schlagen (Schlagen/Dimension 7", 1985, Transrecords)
  13. Varoshi Fame: The Final Act (Untitled Live Tape, late 1980s/Year Unknown, Self-Released)**
  14. Throbbing Gristle: Very Friendly (Rafters: Throbbing Gristle Psychic Rally, 2000, Tin Toy)
  15. David Bowie: All Saints (All Saints (Collected Instrumentals 1977-1999), 2001, Virgin)
  16. S.P.K.: Slogun (Auto-Da Fe, 1983, Walter Ulbricht Schallfolien)
  17. Slogun: …I Just Kill (Kill to Forget, 2000, Jinx)
  18. Wolf Eyes: Stabbed in the Face (Burned Mind, 2004, Sub Pop/American Tapes/Hanson Records)
  19. Borghesia: No Hope, No Fear (No Hope, No Fear, 1987, Play It Again Sam Records)*
  20. Pharmakon: Body Betrays Itself (Bestial Burden, 2014, Sacred Bones Records)
  21. Redrot: Schizophrenia By the Numbers (Drunk on Cadaverine 3" CD-R, 2002, Chondritic Sound)
  22. Brighter Death Now: Bites Everything (Karmanik Collection Compilation, 1993, Cold Meat Industry)
  23. Atrax Morgue: You Drive, You Try (Paranoia, 2000, Old Europa Cafe)
  24. Negation: Condition (Negation, 2015, Ascetic House)
  25. Cremation Lily: Safety As a Womb (Cremation Lily, 2011, Strange Rules)

* Listener request.