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Episode 65: 12/9/2018

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This episode started with a tribute to the late Pete Shelley (of British punk legends The Buzzcocks) by playing some songs from his solo works, including a track from his forays into experimental synth noise. Then we moved back into industrial by premiering a brand new track by Minneapolis’s Zwaremachine and a block of “pants with spare change rattling around in the dryer industrial,” some listener requests and noisy industrial, and we closed the show with set of post-industrial and ambient—or whatever you call that kind of stuff.

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Episode 64: 12/2/2018

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We returned from our Thanksgiving break. We started with “the industrial wading pool” to help ease people in to the show. Then we went with a set of hard and heavy industrial metal, a block of dark and nihilistic industrial and EBM—I guess that’s what I’d call it; I don’t know how to describe this show much of the time—and a block of industrialized black metal. The midnight block was minimal wave and synthpop, and we closed with a block of shoegaze and ambient.

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Episode 63: 11/18/2018

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This episode started out with some new-ish industrial metal, then we went into a block of Central and Eastern European post-punk. Most of the rest of the episode leaned heavy on the heavy and noisy stuff—we had a block of “pants with spare change left in the pockets rattling around in the dryer” industrial, a block power electronics, and a block of noise before ending the show with a block of uh… a block that went from minimal wave to dark ambient.

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Episode 62: 11/11/2018

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This was a weird and episode. We started with some industrial, OT talked about difficulties with our Facebook page, then we had a pandering set for our friends Amanda and Jason in South Carolina, then we continued the autumn ambient afterglow in the last hour.

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Episode 61: 11/4/2018

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Our old foes The Radio Gremlins returned to sabotage the show by breaking the microphone but we persevered and went on anyway. We started with industrial and post-punk tracks related to the upcoming election, the media, the downfall of society. We had a set in honor of our friend DJ D (the host of the excellent show Dark Entries: Goth Radio, which was very much an influence on our show), which we followed in the last hour by autumnal ambient to continue the autumn afterglow going after Halloween.

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