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HMLM is Back on iTunes and the New Privacy Notice

It took long enough, but the podcast RSS feed has been updated and the show is back on iTunes and Google Play Music, and up-to-date with the most recent episodes!

Also, you may have noticed the new privacy at the bottom of the screen. Google/Blogger kept harassing me, telling me I was required to add a notice about cookies in order to comply with European Union law, yet provided zero advice whatsoever on what I had to do to keep myself from getting banned, arrested, or sued by the EU and the only option seems to be to lawyer up—which is a very unaffordable option for this me—or block all EU countries from accessing the site (which I don't know how to do).

For the record, there are no ads on this site, unless Google/Blogger suddenly decide to slap ads on it, and I'm not using third-party analytic services. I don't spy on the site's vistors, nor am I collecting personal data about you and sharing or selling it.