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2017 Year in Review Episode Airs Tonight

We're coming back from our holiday break with our first episode of the new year, which will be a review of some of the music of 2017 (but not necessarily a "best-of" show). Join us for a look at some of the year's industrial, EBM, power electronics, darkwave, and more. Tune in at the usual time, 10 PM-1 AM Central Time [11 PM-2 AM ET/8 PM-11 PM PT/04:00-07:00 UTC] on KUHS-LP Hot Springs 97.9 FM or the stream at You can also listen to the show, as well as the rest of KUHS-LP's shows, at TuneIn's website or through their mobile app for iOS and Android (consult the App Store or Google Play for them).

As usual, if you can't stay up late enough to hear the show, or you want to hear it again, then check back here in 24-48 hours to download or stream the podcast, or use this link to subscribe to our podcast so you'll automatically get new episodes as soon as they're posted. The show's also available through iTunes and Google Play Music, if those are your preferred ways to get podcasts.