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Half Machine Lip Moves Episode 2: Electric Bee Stings - June 23, 2017

Half Machine Lip Moves Episode 2 Here's the playlist for the second episode of Half Machine Lip Moves, which aired on June 23, 2017. This episode had technical problems, but made up for it by running an extra hour.
Prurient: Many Jewels Surround the Crown [Bermuda Drain, 2011, Hydra Head Records]Prurient: A Meal Can Be Made ["]Pailhead: I Will Refuse [I Will Refuse, 1987, Wax Trax! Records]Treponem Pal: Out of Reach [Excess and Overdrive, 1993, Roadrunner Records]Lard: Volcanus 2000 (We Wipe the World) ['70s Rock Must Die, 2000, Alternative Tentacles]Surgical Meth Machine: I Don’t Wanna [Surgical Meth Machine, 2016, Nuclear Blast]Alec Empire: Night of Violence [Futurist, 2005, Digital Hardcore Recordings]Rubella Ballet: Killuminati [Planet Punk, 2014, Overground Records]*Linija Mass: Enthusiasm [Trud [Труд], 1997, Ultra]*Eccitazione Cadaverica: Vomito di Morte [Contro Le Vostre Viscere Malata, 2017, Danvers State Recordings]Skinny Puppy: Smothered Hope [Alternate Version?]

Half Machine Lip Moves Episode 1: Industrial (Re)Introduction - June 16, 2017

Half Machine Lip Moves made its debut earlier tonight, Friday June 16, 2017. Your intrepid host suffered many technical problems and made lots of mistakes, but hey, such things come with learning new stuff. Here's the playlist for this show. I had material planned for this episode that didn't get onto the air, which means parts of next week's playlists are underway.

Much thanks to KUHS-LP station manager Zac for his help with fixing the technical problems and for allowing this on the air.

Haus Arafna: Geburt [Blut (Triligie Des Blutes), Galakthorro, 1995]Prurient: Many Jewels Surround the Crown [Bermuda Drain, Hydra Head Records, 2011]Youth Code: To Burn Your World [A Place to Stand, Dais Records, 2014]3Teeth: Consent [3Teeth, Artoffact Records, 2014]Godflesh: Mothra [Pure, Earache, 1991]Author & Punisher: Cauterize [Melk En Honing, Housecore Records, 2015]Big Black: L Dopa [Songs About Fucking, Touch & Go Records, 1987]L.O.T.I.O.N: Militarized Urban Zone [First Aud…

Half Machine Lip Moves Starts Tonight!

Half Machine Lip Moves will be making its debut tonight at midnight (1 AM Eastern Time/10 PM Pacific Time). Tune in for industrial, EBM, power electronics, death industrial, experimental, minimal wave/coldwave, synthpunk, noise rock, and more.

If you're in Hot Springs, Arkansas tune in to KUHS-LP 97.9 FM to listen to the show. If you're outside the Hot Springs area, or are in a spot with poor radio reception, click on the about the show page for listening instructions.

The show also has a Facebook page, located at