Episode 95: 8/25/2019

Half Machine Lip Moves logo with '#95' on it.

The seemingly-lost episode has been found! (Ok, there was a glitch in the first segment and it took some time to fix it.) This show started with some industrial and requested track. The second block was a mix of doom metal and garage synthpunk that was played to spread word about a couple of shows that were happening the following weekend. We followed that up with a set of Belgian New Beat, a block of noise rock, a set of fairly recent dungeon synth tracks, and we closed with some live Wolf Eyes and a Thomas Köner track ‘cause it’s themed around coldness and we’re sick of the summertime heat and humidity.

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Episode 94: 08/18/2019

Half Machine Lip Moves logo with '#94' on it.

This was our return to the air, after a brief summer hiatus. This show started with a set of industrial metal. Then there was a block of industrial and EBM. That was followed with a block of mostly recent post-punk and deathrock. The block after that was a mix of synthpunk, a couple of tracks referencing the Moon in honor of the recent full moon, and some darkwave. The midnight block was a set of weirdo avant experimental, and we ended the show with a set of ambient themed around ice and winter.

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Episode 93: 7/28/2019

Half Machine Lip Moves logo with '#93' on it.

This episode started this show with a mix of new industrial and a requested Current 93 track (in honor of it being the show’s 93rd episode). That was followed with a block of post-punk and darkwave. The second half of the show went into a shoegaze direction.

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No Show Tonight (8/4/2019)

I’m sorry to say it but I will not be able to do the show tonight. Don’t worry: we’ll be back soon. We’ll set up a replay of a previous episode for tonight at the usual time, 10 PM-1 AM Central Time [11 PM-2 AM Eastern/8-11 PM Pacific] on KUHS-LP Hot Springs 102.5 FM.

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HMLM Returns Tonight, 7/28/2019

We’re coming back to the air tonight. However, tonight’s show will only be two hours long. Join us fo new industrial and EBM tracks, post-punk and darkwave, some shoegaze, and more. Tune in tonight at 10 PM-12 AM Central Time [11 PM-1 AM Eastern/8-10 PM Pacific/03:00-05:00 UTC] on KUHS-LP 102.5 FM in Hot Springs or the stream at kuhsradio.org.

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