Episode 74: 2/17/2019

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We opened this episode with some new stuff from Front Line Assembly and Xotox, and a Hide Track. Then we had two blocks in memory of Phil Western (RIP), featuring tracks he worked on with Skinny Puppy, Plateau, and Download; and a block of tracks from some of his solo works. Then we had a mini-block of listener-requested block themed around war, and some post-punk. Then we had a block of dirty lo-fi industrial noise, and closed with a block of synth noise.

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Episode 73: 2/10/2019

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This is our second Valentines/Anti-Valentines Day Special. We started with a requested Phil Western song (RIP), then we started the show proper with a couple of post-punk and minimal wave songs about breakups. Then there was a block of songs themed around loneliness and alienation. That was followed by a block of tracks about misanthropy and hatred, then a block of revenge and retribution song. We had a special block at midnight about uh… black gloves and discipline. Then we closed with a block of songs about “love” or whatever.

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Episode 72: 2/3/2019

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This show started with industrial and a few of OT’s favorite Teengenerate tracks. That was followed by a block of minimal wave, and a set themed around owls in honor of the day’s Superb Owl. There was a set of tracks from some of Lee Renaldo’s solo work after that, in honor of his birthday. That was followed by a block of shoegaze and some dreamy ambient and experimental tracks in the final block.

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Arkansas and Mid-South Industrial/Post-Industrial Events Guide

Last Updated: February 17, 2019 at 8:14 PM. Here’s a list of upcoming concerts and events in the industrial/post-industrial, darkwave, goth, experimental, etc. music fields happening in Arkansas and the nearby region. (At the moment we’ll be including events within a roughly 500-mile area, which will include metro areas of Little Rock, Arkansas; Dallas and Austin, Texas; Memphis, Tennessee; New Orleans, Louisiana; and Kansas City, Missouri.) Events on this page are organized chronologically.

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Episode 71: 1/27/2019

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We started this show with some new-ish industrial metal; then we did an EBM set themed around airplanes and helicopters, drones, flying, etc. Then we played a set of dark punk and post-punk, all from releases that came out in this decade. We played a synthpunk block, took another trek into the world of dungeon synth music, and closed with a block of ambient drones.

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