Welcome to the New Half Machine Lip Moves Site Redux

Welcome to the new Half Machine Lip Moves website… again. A little over a week ago we migrated from Blogger to a site that was powered with Wordpress + WP2Static plugin. After the migration I discovered that much of the site was non-functioning and my efforts at fixing it were unsuccessful—WP2Static is a great idea, but alas, it doesn’t meet this site’s needs. We currently have a Hugo-powered replacement and most things should work; however, the site’s appearance and layout may change in the near future.

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Episode 61: 11/4/2018

Half Machine Lip Moves logo with '#61' on it.

Our old foes The Radio Gremlins returned to sabotage the show by breaking the microphone but we persevered and went on anyway. We started with industrial and post-punk tracks related to the upcoming election, the media, the downfall of society. We had a set in honor of our friend DJ D (the host of the excellent show Dark Entries: Goth Radio, which was very much an influence on this very show), which we followed in the last hour by autumnal ambient to continue the autumn afterglow going after Halloween.

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Episode 60: 10/28/2018: Half Machine Lip Moves 2018 Halloween Special

Half Machine Lip Moves logo with '#60' on it.

Not only did we hit a milestone by reaching episode #60 but it’s also the second Half Machine Lip Moves Halloween special. We started this episode with some industrial songs about the Halloween season. Then we had a dark punk and post-punk set, a deathrock set fresh out of the grave, an eerie horror set, a midnight block in the death industrial mortuary, and we closed with a block of fun goth.

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Episode 59: 10/21/2018 - 2018 Dark Ambien(t) Special

Half Machine Lip Moves logo with '#59' on it.

It’s late October so it’s time for the spooky and atmospheric 2018 Dark Ambien(t). We began with a descent into the shadowy underworld of dark ambient, we had a rain-themed set, a block of music found while trawling through the dark ambient caverns of Bandcamp, made a trip into the haunted house where dark ambient and death industrial meet, a set of ritualistic dark ambient for the midnight block, and we closed with a set spacey dark ambient. We recommend turning out the lights out and listening through headphones, but that’s your call.

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Episode 58: 10/14/2018

Half Machine Lip Moves logo with '#58' on it.

We started this episode with a block of songs from new and upcoming releases. Things took a turn and went into a weird haunted off-kilter lo-fi direction, starting with no wave and atonal folk and then going into warped and haunted versions of more popular music. After that we went into experimental audio collages and took a brief look at the world of numbers stations, which was followed by phantasmal noise and ambient.

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