No Live Show This Sunday, HMLM at VoV After Party

Half Machine Lip Moves will not be doing a live show tonight, because Valley of the Vapors Indepedent Music Festival is in town. A replay of a previous show will be airing at the usual time tonight, 10 PM-1 AM Central Time on KUHS-LP Hot Springs 102.5 FM. However, I (OT) will be DJing at a VoV after party tonight, at the Starlite Club, from around 11:45 till closing time. I’ll be playing minimal wave/coldwave, and more.

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Episode 77: 3/10/2019

Half Machine Lip Moves logo with '#77' on it.

Our longtime listener and friend Molly from Northern California joined us in the studio for one of the funnest and longest episodes of the show to date. We started with a set of EBM and industrial, then there was a block of industrial metal. We followed that with a set of music by artists that will be playing in Hot Springs at this year’s Valley of the Vapors Independent Music Festival. We played a set of music from albums that were recorded or released in 1977 to celebrate our 77th episode. Then we had a set of noise, and an excerpt from a long Coil track. We then had an hour of overtime, in which we heard Krautrock/kosmische, a bit of Anatolian rock, Russian post-punk, and noise rock and ambient.

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Episode 76: 3/3/2019

Half Machine Lip Moves logo with '#76' on it.

We began this show with some EBM and Belgian New Beat tracks. Then we had a “darkwave and whatever” block. We followed that with a tribute to the late Andy Anderson, and a block of psychedelic noise rock and a spacey-prog rock track featuring Andy Anderson. Then we had a block of crunchy lo-fi industrial, and we closed with a set of dark ambient and ambient drone.

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Episode 75.5: 3/1/2019

I went to hang out and co-host Finally Friday with Sonny Kay on 3/1/2019. Then, because the hosts of the show that’s normally on after Finally Friday couldn’t make it to the station, I was on air for two hours (10 PM-12 AM). I didn’t have anything planned, so I threw this one together on the fly.

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Episode 75: 2/24/2019

Half Machine Lip Moves logo with '#75' on it.

This show happened on International EBM Day (24/2), so we had a block of old school-style EBM, dancefloor-friendly EBM (you’ll have to supply your own glowsticks for this one), and a set of dark EBM. Then, we shifted gears and played some death industrial and power electronics in honor of the Brighter Death Now/Steel Hook Prostheses show in Austin that night, and closed with a block of dark ambient.

Big shoutout and thanks to Mach Fox of Zwaremachine for making us a show ID!

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